How to use Android Phone as like mouse for your computer

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Never knew that you could use your phone as a mouse? Here's a guide to teach you how to use Android phone as a mouse for your computer.

Android has become so damn popular in recent times, and there are many reasons for this. Android is a Mobile Operating creative presence in the market today. You can do many amazing things with Android and the App Store is just awesome, with over one billion app. Play the Google Store, you can find almost any application, and it makes it even more popular.

When I spoke of creativity, a lot of things would come to mind. If you have an Android phone, you may have to use some cool applications, or at least the games, but never thought of going one level further? Well, some of you may not. But if you're a true techie or geek, you would have certainly tried something new now. In this post I am writing to try new things with another creative application. Name of this application is AndroMouse and using this, you can use the mouse to the computer Android Phone.


As I have already written above, AndroMouse is an application that allows you to use your Android phone as a mouse on your computer. To implement this feature, you must download this app an Android phone, as well as your computer. Click here to download AndroMouse.

Once you have downloaded the file, you need to extract to get this. Exe file. After receiving. Exe file, install this application to the phone and the computer.

After installation, launch the application on your computer. It will ask you to connect the two devices. You have 2 choices, you can either connect a Bluetooth or WiFi. Once you have chosen your way to connect to, this application will automatically find the server address and connect your mobile devices automatically.

The sight of windows on your screen means you have successfully installed this application, device, and now it is ready for use.
How to use AndroMouse App

As soon as you receive confirmation of the device, open the application on a mobile. You'll see a blank screen with 2 icons on the top and 3 § at the bottom. There will be a microphone symbol in the middle of the bottom bar. This separates the two buttons used for the left as well as right-click.

Center of the region is a mouse pad. Drag your finger on this area, and you can control your computer using your mobile phone. If you are using 2 fingers at a time, you can scroll up and down the screen.

The top 4 squares, you can change the mode to use this app.

These 4 modes to give you some additional features, so you can use this app more exciting things. The first icon is to use this app as the mouse, the other to use this function keys, the third icon, you can use this app because the numpad and the fourth icon, you can use this app as your keyboard.

This keyboard works as any other standard keyboard device. You can use this fun and it is a great experience to use this keyboard as well as this app.

I hope this tutorial was useful. There are some doubts? Feel free to ask me in the comments section.


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