How to back up your data using the default feature Android Phone

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The tutorial explains how to back up your data using the default feature of the Android phone. Check inside for more information and step by step tutorial.

Android phones are the biggest trend today. Many recent reports, has been declared the most popular Android mobile operating system. With the growing popularity, there are many new things coming to Android. Now you can easily embed any Android device, and enjoy all the features that are available only on devices that are rooted.

Whenever you root the device or format it, you need to back up tietosi.Data which is the phone's memory can not be transferred to a Micro SD card in the same format, so it is wise, if you create a backup copy and then later restore it on your device. In order for data backup, the number of apps available in the Google Play Store, but there have been a number of things. I personally do not encourage users to use third-party backup applications. Google Android is a great feature by default, using which you can back up your text messages, contact information and a gallery of files. In this post, I'm going to share the steps
using which you can backup your data.

Steps to back up your data Android Phone

* Go to Menu and then tap Settings.

* Personal information section, tap the Backup & Restore.

* Now you can get many options at various points. Select an option according to your need. Mainly you need to press the first option to back up your phone data to the SD card.

* When you tap on that option, you are asked to select all of the things that you want to back up. You can select contacts, SMS, call records, and applications.

* Once you have selected the backup, you need to tap Backup. When the tape backup, it takes some time for the device to stop this. When the backup is complete, the file is saved to the SD card. This can be a backup to restore the data later.


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