How to turn your laptop or PC in WiFi hotspot?

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Do you have a LAN connection, but you need WIFI to your cell phone and other electronic gadgets? Then here's how you can connect your laptop or PC WiFi hotspot.

Off late people buy mobile phones and electronic gadget by checking everything.Also good sites have provided them with facilities comparable to those products in the site itself, and it has helped a lot of people. Despite this, people check and compare every feature and then buy a mobile phones.One the most common feature that everyone wants to be on his cell phone is a WiFi modem to see if they have WiFi at home or not. So, this article is for those who do not have WiFi access at home, but it is a laptop or PC (built-in Wi-Fi card) to the LAN.

Things are needed:

You should have a built-in WiFi modem laptop and PC.Those who are not able to buy an external USB WIFI modems.

The steps Are:

1) Go to the Control Panel.

2) Click the Network and Internet.

3) Now go to Network and Sharing Center.

4) Select "Set up a new connection or network" under the Change Network Settings area.

5) Now select "Set up a wireless ad hoc" under Choose a connection option and click Next.

6) Click the Next 'Set up a wireless ad hoc "window.

7) It will now ask you to provide the following information, and then after that to enter all the information click Next.

Network Name = Give the name of what you want the WIFI connection,

Security Type = Set it to WPA2,

Security key = Set a good and strong password WIFI so that the other can not be used


8) Allow Windows to set it up and wait a few seconds to get it installed.

9) Here you will get the following window asking you to "Enable Internet Sharing"
option, and save all changes.Its you want to share your network if you do not set the encryption key it is better not to turn this feature, but it is recommended so better turn it after setting the security key.

10) Finally, click Close, and it all happens.

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