How to speed up copy in Windows ( xp/7/8 )

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Getting frustrated for a long time windows take up? Here is a guide on how to speed up the copying windows. Read more inside.

Even after having a very good line-up on my computer, when I see that the 50 kb / s data copy speed, I get really frustrated. Not just me, everyone would be. Especially when I am copying some of the huge amount of data and lasts for hours.

So it's very frustrated that I was thinking to get something so that I could speed up the copying windows. So, when you read some of the blogs and explore some of the forums, I got in a way that is very useful when you copy the drive to another drive on your computer or copied to drive an external flash drive.

When you copy a lot of small files, windows by default copy the system goes into detail on each file, get the details of the origin and creation, and then transfer the file to include all the details of the attached. So, to avoid the huge waiting, it would be really great if you could try to copy a large file. So read below how you can do it

How to speed up file copying in Windows

  • Install WinRAR or any other similar software, which is free and works very well.

  • Now select all the files you want to copy, and put them in Archive (Zip) file. Do not use the default Windows archive utility for making the process very slowly.

  • Once you have done this, you can copy the zip file to an external hard drive or any other drive in your computer.

  • You can keep up to the zip file and extract data from the reference when you need it. It saves time and hard disk space.

  • This procedure will definitely help you get rid of that frustration when copying files, and you can save your valuable time. Please let me know if it helps you. If you have any doubts about this, or anything else, let me know in the comments section, and I will try best to solve it for you.

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