10 Useful Apps You Must Have Your iPhone

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iOS platform is having a huge database of applications and games. This is the most interesting thing iOS users. iPhone and iPad offer access to the App Store where users can download these applications. If you are a proud iPhone user, you need to download and install these top apps to take advantage of the phone.

1. Chrome: Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, and is available for iPhone users as well. This browser is very much similar to Safari but has a better interface and some added features. Those who want to use the Chrome browser on the desktop you will find this app has got to be one of their iPhone.

2. Google Search: 97 percent of searches on the internet is through Google. This tells us the importance of the Google search engine. So the chances are that iPhone users also take advantage of Google's search engine to search the internet.

3. Dictionary.com: It is not a free application, but can be purchased for $ 2.99. The best part of this dictionary is that the data is local. Users can get the dictionary definitions immediately without waiting for the app to download the results online website.

4. Google Maps: Apple to use Google Maps by default of its products. But now it has been replaced by Apple's Maps. But it does not mean that you can not download and use Google Maps on the iPhone. You can download it from the App Store, and you can install it easily.

5. IMDb Movies & TV: When you want to know the details of some of the film, which you can not remember the details, you can check out this app. It's Official IMDb app, and to provide a convenient reference for movies and television programs. It also allows users to know what is at stake at the local theaters, as well as be able to buy tickets for the same.

6. Evernote: This is one of the most popular apps for iOS and Android as well. This application allows users to quickly create notes and save them. Many users claim that they are able to be more productive, since the use of this app.

7. 1Password: Forget about remembering too difficult passwords for different web services. Now you do not need to remember all your passwords, but suffice it to remember your master password. 1Password app for iPhone can offer much comfort when you sign different web services.

8. Dragon Dictation: It is accurate, fast dictation application available for iOS. In addition to writing, it may draw up an e-mail, jot down a note, Post to Twitter, and other similar tasks. It can clean with what the user has said, with a good accuracy.

9. AVG Family Safety: It's a powerful family friendly web browser, which prevents all kinds of inappropriate content children. It can intelligently filter phishing scams, malware, porn, etc.

10. Find My iPhone: This is a new application and can run on iOS 5 and later versions. It can help users find their iPhone when they have forgotten where they have kept the phone.

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