How to open a command prompt in Windows 8

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Can not find MS Dos Windows 8? In this tutorial to find ways to open a command prompt in Windows 8

Microsoft has had a huge gamble since the launch of the new operating system Metro UI. People have mixed response to this new version of Windows. However, Microsoft has tried to be more and more creative when designing this awesome user interface, but there are a few things that are left out of the front, which makes it a little difficult for users to move and explore all the features.
The command line (mainly known for MS DOS) is still one of the fundamental issues in Windows. There are many tasks the user can perform without MS DOS (Command Prompt). Windows 8 makes it a bit difficult for the user to find a shortcut to the Command Prompt. So for this post, I will share some of the ways by which you can open a command prompt (MS Dos) Windows 8

1. Search for your desktop

To access the command-line directly from the desktop, type cmd. It automatically displays the command prompt shortcut on the left side. Click here to open MS Dos.

2. From the Windows system32 folder

You can open a command prompt in Windows System 32 folder, follow the steps below

Open My Computer, click the icon present on the desktop.

Go to C :/ / Windows/System32

You'll find the option there called cmd.exe, double click it and it opens

Command prompt for you.

If you frequently use the command line, you can right click the icon present in the system32 folder and select Pin to Taskbar. It places a shortcut to the taskbar, and you can open a command prompt with a single click.

3. Using the RUN command

This is one of the oldest and most popular way to open the MS DOS. Window only by pressing the R key followed by the same time. This will open the Run dialog box. Type cmd and press Enter there. It will open a command prompt for you.


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