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Message, including all the ways to make money from a blog. Read the inside of all you need to know to make more money from your blog.

I've told you this for some time now that people are starting to blog for various reasons. Some of these people to start blogging, because they just want to know what a blog is, and they also want to be online identity in the form of a blog second kind of people start a blog, because they know someone who deserves a really good and they think that to earn from a blog is very easy , and they, too, can earn a handsome amount without much effort, the third kind of people are the ones who are really excited about blogging and want to contribute something unique to the blogosphere. This blog is the third kind of people.

Now, you might just get confused, giving the title like Ways to make money from a blog, why I write such a strange song as the introduction? Well, this is the reason. I just wanted to point out these 3 kinds of people, so that people who really deserve to make money from their blog to go read this post.

There are a number of ways using which you can make a good amount of money from your blog. In this post, I have selected the most popular of these methods and written in my readers.

1. Ad Networks: Adsense has been a leading advertising network in the quiet time. Adsense has paid millions of dollars in revenue to bloggers and other website owners. Some of the other ad networks in the market are Yahoo ads, Chitika Info and Links. You need to be selective while choosing the best ad network for you. There are several categories in which Google Adsense does not offer services such as Hacking, Gambling and Pornography.

2. CPM price (CMP): There are a number of websites on the Internet that will pay you on the basis of the number of how many times the ad is loaded on your site. In general, you are paid based on per 1000 impressions. Advertising rate may vary depending on the niche and category.

3. Cost per Acquisition (CPA): When a person is required to perform a specific task, after clicking on an ad, this is know as the CPA. Certain mandatory task might include anything like buying a product, signing up for a newsletter or signing up for a website.

4. Cost per click (CPC): Many ad networks will pay you on the basis of clicks on the ads. It does not require any action then just click click and you get a certain amount. Prior to a few years. Adsense used to be that way, but then they are mixed CPA, CPC and CPM. Now, Google Adsense will take them three hthings account before you pay for you to click on your ad, or impression.

5. Banner Ad sales: This is one of the best way to earning a good amount every month or after a certain time. You are free to sell space on your site and the people there make their ad, to give you a certain amount every month. The amount can be decided on the basis of visitors you get.

6. Text links: Text links are one of the best ways to earn money. People will ask you to put a link in a new or old blog, or on the sidebar, and then they pay you a fixed amount.

7. Paid Posts: Paid posts also give you a huge amount, depending on the quality of your blog. In paid you have to write a specific service, or something related to the inverse website.

8. Image Ad: It's the market for that boost their promo code, images, and when people click on images to present to your blog, you make money, this is a relatively new way to make money and it is not yet popular.

9. Video advertising: If you have a very popular blog, you may be paired with someone is a good base videos niche. You can embed the videos on his blog posts, and ask him about some of the Commission, he will make the video, when the video is viewed on your site.

10. Newsletters: If you have a large fan base and mailing list, you will love the big brands to tell their readers. Newsletter subscribers are usually the best and committed to the readers of your blog, and each brand can have confidence in them.

11. RSS Advertising: Google offered an option that you could include some of the links and banners, RSS feeds, and delivered directly to readers. But due to some reasons, Google has been called out of the service. Still, there are a few main buyers in the market, providing you with Profiles.

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By sajib shahik
I am a professional Graphic designer and web site designer.I always try to make my byers Happy with my work and my activities. See My portfolio.....

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