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It could simply, without the physical router software madhyame enjoy karatai the IPsec Virtual Router. Assume that you have at least basic netaoyarki and makrosaphata of Windows.

It lists all the things that need to be

1. Internet kanesana
The. Wireless LAN connected computer
3. win xp, vista or win7 OS


1. Physical router or access point can not be purchased.
The. Multiple devices sharing the net with a net kanesana.
3. I do not need or oyyarera.
I read a lot of work to be gunagana the asanu.

√ First, set up your wireless LAN card in the area.
√ If you are using a buildin wireless lyada card (or built-in laptop) does not need the extra wireless LAN card.

New and recent. UPS. How to configure the windows 7 hayah

→ Start, type cmd, and then click the cmd.exe right click on it calu mude the Rus as administrator.

→ I type the following command line.

→ netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = microqatar key = qazwsx123 Enter day.

→ Enter the following command as the netsh wlan start hostednetwork
The Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Centre> Change Adapter Settings, click the button at the right internet connection and select Properties. 's Sharing tab, the "Allow other network users to connect ...", click the check box and choose your virtual Wi-Fi adaptor the settings are correct.

Follow the steps below to configure the VPN on Vista

# Right-click on the Network icon kanesana kilaka click the Connect to a network.
# Setup a connection or network, click OK.
# Set up an ad hoc connection, click.
# It's a name you desire taupa the network. If microqatar, and if you want to use it parsaoyarda parsaoyada nidharana the day.
# Next, click the OK button and click Ok.

Follow the steps below to configure VPN for Win XP

# Control panel by clicking on the network and internet connection click on Network connections or withdraw Sorry taskbar right-click the icon to open network abashita Network kanesana kanesana click.

# Right-click the icon for your wireless network kanesana software and wireless network tab of its properties and click the add button.

# The association tab's network name (SSID), type a name on you. If microqatar and password you want to use network Authentication, Data encryption, network key use. At the end of the work, click Ok.

Now wireless devices (computers, mobile phones, geisama etc.) in search of Wi-Fi, connect and start using paoyarda with Virtual Router.

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