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Whatever the network operating system, for home or small office network setup is usually several steps. Network setup, major steps have been made in the discussion, which you can follow the Windows 7 operating system. In writing about the Windows 7 environment, the wireless network setup has been specially focus.

Network planning:

Wired for home or office (wired) not wireless (wireless) network you want, it just has to be first. Setup, security and convenience of using the wireless network is consumed. For that reason it is better to set short range wireless network.

Hardware Requirements:

Network adapter for each computer networking (Wired or wireless) in your diet. The wireless adapter in each of the buildin laptops. It is no longer necessary to install a separate adapter. The worst quality than one computer connected to the Ethernet switch / hub and router is required for multiple network connections. Important to ensure network security hardware firewall is used.

Router setup:

IPsec is Windows 7 Compatible with Windows 7 logo on it, or it's all the Windows 7 network routers and Windows Connect Now (WCN) - Automatically setup will be. Most of the previous day for the router's setup CD provided with the individual.

Router will connect to the Internet:

This is an optional step. If the network you want to connect to the Internet, you must first open an account from a local ISP. The server will be connected to the network router to your ISP about how to give directions. The wireless connection through a router connected to the ISP server. In many cases netconfpkg DSL or network connection allows you to connect to the ISP.

Computer and network devices to be connected:

Network devices connected to the computer with the network setup for the device while collecting it easy to keep up, so that's all I have Windows 7 Compatible with Windows 7 logo or. Devices to Windows 7 -'s compatibles with the device connected to the computer with the setup process will be launched. I do not need to separately run any software.

Create and file and printer sharing turned on homagrupa:

Windows 7 - Create a home network set up after the homagrupa This task can easily share files and printers. Remember, homagrupera all computer operating system should be Windows 7. The various versions of the operating system files and printers can be shared. It will bring some changes to the setup, which has been discussed in detail later.

Adding a computer to a domain:

Windows 7 running in a computer network using a larger domain than it is. The domain is owned by a large network of the same features that are engaged in the same kind of combination of multiple computers. Each domain has a unique name. You need to know the domain name of the domain and the domain will be allowed to have an account. Windows 7 -'s Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise versions have been designed so that it can be easily and safely kamapiutaragulo domain.

Wireless Network Setup:

We all know, the type of network access and diversity greatly changed with the introduction of the wireless network. The setup mechanism has never been easier. Any modern operating systems, especially Windows operating system, the wireless network is set up and it aparesanalaija Anyone can field. You need to be appropriate for setting up a wireless network Wireless ikyuipamenta. Some devices have been useful to focus on the wireless network below:

Broadband Internet connection and modem, dialup connections when compared with the high data transfer speed broadband Internet connections. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable broadband connections is one of the main two sources. Generally, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Company that provides broadband modem and broadband connections, one of the main devices of your office or home with the installation responsibility.

Wireless Router:

In brief, the router is the sharing of data between devices on your network and the Internet. The router via a wireless radio signal to the computer, you can connect to the network. The cable has no use. Introduction of different types of wireless routers on the market, but you had to choose, all routers are 802.11g and 802.11n wireless technology support.

Wireless network adapter:

If the wireless network you want to connect to your computer, then the computer must have wireless network adapters. The laptop is currently available on the market for almost sabagulotei wireless network adapter built - in state. Computer has a wireless network adapter, and it's for the Control Panel-Device Manager-Double-click the Network Adapters-go. Phicarasambalita wireless network adapter computer adapter that exists in the list of 'wireless' I will confirm.

The network adapter using the USB oyyalalesa, which is in the form of small, easy to be installed in the computer, and the computer can be used for multiple adapters. I remember, with a wireless router for wireless adapter that matches the specification, and can communicate with each other peacefully.

Broadband (DSL or cable) connection setup methods:

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or kyabalabhittika broadband Internet connection you have to the Internet provider (ISP) you can open an account with them. Accessory devices, such as you suggest, according to ISP - modem, router should be collected. If the integrated modem and router in the same device state, the device setup steps are as follows:

01. The first device is connected to the electric line.

0 comments. Device Wide Area Network (WAN) portatite DSL cable to the phone cord and animals in the area. The other side of the wall to add jyake phone cord or animals.

03. LAN Ethernet port on one end, animals and computer devices that connect to the internet you want to add the networking port on the other side. Wireless Internet
This step is to connect the strip.

04. After connecting to the Internet Start or Restart.

05. I go to Network and Sharing Center-Click Setup a new connection or network option. Then double-click Connect to the Internet option.

06. Follow the Wizard to complete the setup shown in nirdesanagulo.

Modem and router to connect to another device if the power of both devices will be. The modem and phone cord, or other animals on one side of a border wall jyake. Animals Ethernet WAN port on one end mademe and the other end is connected to the router. An Ethernet LAN port and the other animals at the other endpoint of the edge router computer networking ports to be added.

Positioning the wireless router:

One important issue is the wireless router to a wireless network set up the appropriate place, so that the router can transmit and receive signals without any type of disability. Wireless router will bring up the following points:

Central location in the router:

Home or office, is not he yetii network space, wireless routers can be centrally located as far as possible. The signal strength or quality of the whole network will be satisfactory level.

Computer and caused the router to remove bastta:

If the wireless router and computer as Metallurgical bastta - file cabinet, alamira if the signal is weak. The reason that can not be placed around all bastta router or computer. Installing a roof or wall near the router can reduce the signal strength.

Reduce signal interference:

When the network is commonly used microwave frequency wireless router and Cordless phone's frequency is equal to or near the stage. For example - 802.11g standard wireless router that uses .4 gigahartaja radio frequency and microwave and Cordless phones are used with the same frequency. I use the phone to say the same frequency signal when the signal interference and wireless network signal weakens or is hampered.

Windows 7-based wireless network is set up as a prerequisite netayarkinyera devices associated with a clear idea of ​​necessity. Adequate idea of ​​the device can be set up after them. When you have completed the hardware connection or software settings or the configuration of the network will be launched. Windows 7 - The configuration of the network software will be discussed later.

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