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We understand the importance of Nisacai sms's, e-mail us when you do not know about it. People need to know that you can often rub on Google, but the problem is that people need a separate e-mail ekaunata and after 5-10 minutes of massage is, and it's a big cukati closed the opening of the mobile komapaniti. This arrangement is one of Aktel Bangladesh. However, most of this arrangement, the overseas. Kutakausale Google Calendar sarbhasake I created this sms racks.

1. Whom you want to send it to a mobile phone services supported by Google Calendar or Google kyalenadara settings / Writes Md Gateway.

2. Open a Gmail account in his name kyalenadara Google service is free.

3. Active kyalenadara settings and services for mobile aidenatiphai code that you can kankhita people, e-mail or other means of Google and ask them to send you a code number, the code number of the mobile Verification section nirdisata putting gharatite save.

4. Kyalenadarera rimainadara settings are correct, and the possibility of an emergency here 5 minutes ago rimainada If so, set, time of day, massage a part of bakatabya diameter save it.

5. Later, when you open the message, which requires a Gmail account to send a message to his kyalenadara service and stay away.

If the interference, and free SMS's charged / leisure / credit, etc. There is no problem. If you want to give someone a massage service rimainadara's choice, unlimited messages he sends.


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