WordPress plugins compilation pack 2013

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WordPress plugins compilation pack

1) Admin Bar (Admin bar Remover):

You can turn on or off  WordPress Admin Bar, the front of all users of this extension.

2) Advanced-ajax-page-loader:

AJAX Page Loader loads posts, pages, etc. without reloading the entire page. It also updates the URL bar, the user would be going to url without AJAX, this means the user can copy a URL or a bookmark and return to the page they're visiting! This plugin will also add a page to a history even more usability!

3) Log-with-ajax:

Login Ajax there are sites that require user logins or registrations, and would like to avoid the normal wordpress login pages, this plugin adds the ability to set the login widget sidebar with smooth AJAX login effects. And choose where users are directed upon login / logout. Supports SSL, MU and BuddyPress.

4) Login-lock:

Log Lock to save the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempt. If more than
A certain number of attempts are detected from the same short period of time
IP range, then the login feature is not available for all requests, which will vary.
This helps to prevent brute force password discovery. Currently, the default values ​​of the plugin
To lock out one hour after the block of IP 3 failed logon attempts 5 minutes. This can be changed Via the option field. Admisitrators can release blocked IP ranges manually panel.

5) Login-warning banner:

Login Warning Banner plugin for WordPress allows the administrator to create a custom, pre-authentication, and the title of the warning message. Plugin supports multi-colored text and banner title and message.

6) Animated-twitter-bird:

This plugin brings animated flying twitter bird on your blog. If you move your mouse over a bird, "Tweet This" and show the "follow me" button. Birds found themselves "follow me" link on the Twitter account.

7) Be-it-facebook-sidetab:

BE-It on Slide tab, you can now choose where on the left or the right side of the box you want to write floated. You can change the height from the top and slide in and out on time. You can also change the tab image that suits you.

8) Network publisher:

Plugin allows you to automatically publish `` or `Self Publish your own blog posts` 25 Social Networking Sites.

9) BNS-add-widget:

This plugin Add a widget to the footer of a theme. Works just like a widget areas commonly generated code functions.php template file.

10) Html javascript-adder:

HTML Javascript Adder allows to add HTML, JavaScript, short numbers, ads, flash embed codes, etc. in plain text in the sidebar via UNLIMITED widgets highly targeted posts and pages.

11) Picture widget:

Simple image widget that uses a local WordPress uploads thick-box widgets to add an image to your site.

12) jQuery-image-lazy-loading:
Lazy loader delays loading of images (long) pages. Images under the fold (far down the page) wont be loaded before user scrolls down.

This is the opposite of the image preloading. Using a lazy load on long pages containing heavy metals, the image content makes page feels snappier. The browser is in standby mode after loading visible images. No need to wait for an unknown amount of images to download.

13) Let It Snow:

When active this plugin you can see the snow effect on your WP blog.

14) Marquee:

This is a plugin that allows you to embed, the desired section of the page scrolling text (scrolling message) completely configurable.

15) Protect the copy of the blog:

This plugin prevents and Copy Protect your Wordpress blog fraudulent copies.

16) MHR-custom-anti-copy:

This plugin works on pages / post content protection. Protects the contents of the copy-paste via right-click and the selection of words. It comes with a powerful custom settings. You can protect a single page / post or general pages.Everything can do a few simple steps. Shotcodes with you to protect a single page, you want to protect.

17) The Rating widget:

Create and manage Rating-assessment tool within WordPress (+ BuddyPress
Support + BP's bbPress Support).

18) Post2pdf converter:

This plugin converts the post / page to PDF for visitors and visitors can download it easily. And you can add the download link above / below the posts / pages.

19) Printfriendly:

Print Friendly & PDF button to save paper and ink, or create PDF. It's fast, easy and looks great when printed. Add the button now, and users can see the difference.

20) Page-shell:

You can very easily add page peel effect wp blog.

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