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Threaded commenting, by far Blogger's most requested feature, has finally reached a Bloggerland!

Threaded commenting should make it easier to respond to individual comments. That said, Blogger threaded comment system has only two levels deep, so you can just reply to the original comments, or to comment on the answers. It is clearly not the best threaded comment system, but I guess it is a good start.

Threaded Comments feature is enabled by default, that you meet these two requirements:

1.Your blog to comment towards the entry is set to Full feed....

Here's how you can check or change the setting:

* New user interface: Go to Settings> Other> Allow Blog Feeds> Custom> Per-Comment Feeds, and make it whole.

* The old interface: Go to Settings> Site Feed> Advanced Mode> Per-Comment Feeds, and make it whole.

2.You 've selected the Embedded comments.

Follow the instructions to move Embedded comments:

*New user interface: Go to Settings> Posts and Comments> Comments> Comment Place and select Embedded.

*The old interface: Go to Settings> Comments> Comment Form Placement and select Embedded below post.

Making Threaded comments work on a custom template

Threaded Comments are not working on your blog highly modified model.
At the moment, the only way (that I know) to correct this by opening the adjustments or resetting model. You do not need to reset the entire model, it is sufficient to just blog widget model, because it is where the threaded comment codes for living.

This tutorial will show you how to restore the default blog widget blogger. Be forewarned that you will lose all existing customizations area post-social buttons, automatic read-more, custom promotional codes, signature, etc. So be sure that you have backed up before this extended model.

Once you get it to work, you can begin adding the adjustments one by one. This allows you to identify what customizations interfere with threaded commenting system.

Removing threaded comments

At the moment, Blogger threaded comments is still buggy. It has been reported a few bugs associated with threaded comments, among which are blank white screen and the lack of comment on the pager.

If your blog seems, the only solution is to remove the threaded comments. You can do this by either:

*Choose from a full screen or pop-up comments, or

*Setting Per-Comment Feeds None.

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