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Good news for people, now you can finally add a meta description to individual posts and pages to Blogger! This new feature is just one of the many new features added to Blogger to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Meta description is a big deal, because it describes the content of your blog or post. It shows a piece of the search results, and a description of the message you are sharing on Google+, Facebook and other social verkostot.Hyvä description more chances of getting clicked Post.

1.Taking and adding meta description of a multi-post pages
1.Go to Settings> Search Settings> Meta Tags> Description and click the Edit link.

2.Click the Yes radio button to search description.
3.Enter the meta description of your blog. The meta description will appear in the home page, and other multi-topic pages.
4.Click the Save Changes button.

2. By adding meta description of individual pages
Meta description of the post or a static page can be added via the Blogger post editor.

1.Go to Messaging and select a post to edit.

2.Click the Search Description option under Post settings. (This option is only available when using search in step 1)

3.Enter a description of the meta-mail and click Finish.
For older posts, you have to go back to edit each post and manually enter a description.
But before that, it is better to confirm if this feature works for your blog template.

3. Adopted by the feature works
This step is to check if the meta description is actually added to the blog / post when it goes live. You only need to do this step once (blog).

Enter the URL for this post online meta tag checker. If the function is working correctly, you should see the description appears below the title description of the result.
Also check the front page, just to make sure.

4. What to do if your meta descriptions are not showing?
If none of the meta descriptions appear, chances are your model does not contain the necessary code to import the meta description of Blogger's database. (The third party or heavily tuned model to make it).
You need to add it to the template manually:

1.Select Model> Edit HTML> Run and put this code on the right


<b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'> <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/> </b:if>

2.Repeat step 3 to strengthen the meta descriptions.


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