How to remove or change the primary e-mail address on Facebook

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Lost access to the primary email address on Facebook? So here is the details of the tutorial on how to remove or change the primary e-mail address on Facebook.

Facebook is always news for some or the other thing. Sometimes it's a feature, or sometimes on the Privacy issue, which is always attached to the news coming out about Facebook. If you have not yet experienced the Facebook Graph search, Output What is the Facebook Graph Search you find in google and how to use it.
Well, there are times when we will face many problems because of privacy concerns. I have received many emails and comments, in which people have asked me how to change the primary e-mail address on Facebook. In this tutorial, I'm going to write the same thing. But before that, little information

What is the primary e-mail address on Facebook
The primary e-mail address on the e-mail address that you provide an account of creation. This email address is in use all the activities related to your account.

For all ads on the same post, e-mail, these messages delivered to your email based on your privacy settings. The primary e-mail address is also used if you have forgotten your Facebook password and you want to create a new one. If you have access to your primary email address, then you can create a new password, but if you do not have access to the primary e-mail address anymore, it's very hectic, you can get back to your Facebook account.

Prior to change the primary e-mail address on Facebook, you will need to add your email address as your primary email address. So, before I tell you about how to change the primary Facebook email address, I will write about the procedure

How do I add an email address on
You can add your email address, follow the steps below

* Go to the account, and then click Account Settings.

* Click the e-mail option, you will see all the email addresses connected to your Facebook account.

* If you want to add or remove an email address, you get these options out there. You can not remove the primary email address because of some security flaws.Do not worry, I'll tell you that later post how to change or remove the primary email address.

* When you add or remove e-mail address on that page, Facebook will ask you to confirm your action by Facebook password.

The above screenshot shows all the e-mails listed on your Facebook account. Contact email to all means e-mail messages you delivered to your inbox.

After you have added to this e-mail address, you can change the primary e-mail address, but before that, make sure that you have at least two e-mail addresses to your account, so that you can easily change your primary email address and remove the previous one if you want.

How to change or remove the primary Facebook e-mail address

You will not find this link in any profile or account page, because some of the settings, Facebook has made invisible, yet I've been looking for a few places and got it for you. Follow the steps below

Click here to open the Facebook Security page, do not worry, this is not a phishing trick.

* When you click on that link, you will be prompted to enter the password before you can go page to update the security info.

* This screen displays all the e-mail addresses connected to your Facebook account. You can choose to make either the primary e-mail address.

* You can even add your email address on this page, but keep in mind that you need 2 e-mail e-mail service provider other than Facebook. You can not add an email address on the primary e-mail address.

* You can also add or change your phone number, the security question is to ensure better protection to your account.

Have a good day ....

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