5 ways to keep your readers on your blog longer

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Keep the blog is updated, a good sport and fixed posts can be difficult and time-consuming. We crowded blogosphere, you need to stand out. I heartily congratulate you if you achieved it.
Now that you have, however you want people to do more than read one post and move on. While the great content invites readers to go on in other posts, attention spans wane, and it is easy to lose up to the interested reader.

For readers to linger a little longer in 5 easy steps.

1. link in the blog
You do not write a great blog, so that it can be filed three days later. If you have messages, which can be done through this again in another post, use it! When you link to other stories in your blog, it encourages further exploration. This not only gives the story more meat, but to show the reader that there are more interesting posts they have yet to find. Regardless of whether they leave after the first post or not, you have given them a reason to come back.

2.Related posts plug-in
When a visitor to stop post they came from, you are going to move to another. What you should remember is that the reader is not going to want to work with, so you'll have to do it for them. Related Post installing the plug-in you can help them easily in another article they want a mouse click. No looking around, no fussing with the archive or the home page. Most of the extensions to allow for customization of the same. You can decide how to select posts based on the content, title, tags, etc.

3.video content
Although people love the great written content, the video takes the cake. More than 48 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, the World Wide Web are becoming more attached to online video content. Even better, there are two positives to add a video.
At least, that the reader video to watch only that they spend an extra few seconds after they have before.
Adding video can also help expand readership. While many people recover through blogs, because they have read a lot of content, YouTube receives more than 2 billion views a day.

4.Suggest another post
At the end of each message you want to present a proposal to the reader to do something. When forced to interact with your readers on your blog, you are inviting exploration. There are a few ways you can do this.

*You can ask a question and proposes to give their opinions in the comments section. That the extra two minutes they take the commentary can make a difference, whether they look around more or not.

*You can suggest them to check back in a couple of days to follow the blog, etc. If you put together a good message, this gives them a reason to come back when they have more time.

*You can show them in the direction of the previous post that supports your point or highlight what you have discussed in the text. If you've got their trust in the article, they are likely to read the second based on your recommendation.

5.Take advantage of widgets
Within the blog, you can do so much more than write a post. Adding widgets, you can add more depth. To give readers more interaction gives them a reason to stay longer.

You can use Polling Widget number of things, such as highlighting or improve the post.
Top comments widget can give avid readers need to be more active, coming back to read and comment on more often.

Adding Twitter Widget can give them a better chance of getting viestiisi.Technorati study found that more than half of bloggers use Twitter to promote their posts. Assuming that this is a tactic use, they can easily be snapped through the new blogs as they are updated your Twitter feed.

Your blog is your baby. For those of you who put a lot of time into the craft great posts, is proud of the work that you do. Whether it's personal or business, you want to get the most out of hard work put in by providing a variety of tactics to get your readers to stay longer, and perhaps increase the readership as well. You put a lot of effort in your content, so do not let it all go to waste.


By sajib shahik
I am a professional Graphic designer and web site designer.I always try to make my byers Happy with my work and my activities. See My portfolio.....

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