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The most popular file-sharing site of all time, MegaUpload is down permanently due to the very criminal sting led by the United States Department of Justice. Before the site was down, it was nearly four per cent of all Internet traffic of more than 50 million visitors a day, according to the Ministry of Justice. Now, as this site will no longer exist, all of you would be looking for some options to share files and download files and content for free as you used to do MegaUpload. So here is a list of 7 megaupload free options, providing you with all the amenities, including MegaUpload free public share files and download content distributed to others.

1. Rapidshare: Rapidshare tops the list of free megaupload alternatives, due to the popularity and similarity MegaUpload. This site allows you to upload files of unlimited size and give you unlimited disk space. At the same time you can share a link to download the file by e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook. But if you are a free user, you can download files, may be removed for a certain period. If you want to use this cloud storage service, you can upgrade your account Rapidpro about $ 40 150 days or $ 130 for two years.

2. Media Fire: Media Fire can be called a stripped-down version of RapidShare unlimited storage space. But the upload size is 2 GB at a time for free to the user. Just as rapidshare, free of user files to be removed after a certain time. To get rid of this, you can upgrade to Pro Account for € 9 per month, which also increases the max upload size of 4 GB. Files are stored on Mediafire distributed using a link to a website.

3. Dropbox: Another popular cloud storage service Max Storage of up to 2 GB. Files can be shared with anyone using your public folder, or other Dropbox users of e-mail invitations. Storage limit can be upgraded to 50 GB per month, and $ 10 100 GB $ 20 per month.

4. Box: Like Dropbox, Box is also a cloud storage service for Max Storage Temperature limit 5 GB of files can be divided into direct link and also can invite a contact by e-mail to view the contents of an entire folder. Maximum upload size free user is 25 MB. This can be added by purchasing Pro membership. Pro users can upload their limit is 1 GB-per-file $ 10 a month, which will further increase the storage limit at 25 GB or 50 GB $ 20.

5. Filesonic: File Sonic offers a 30 days free of charge to users, and the largest download up to 1 GB. Price of € 9 per month, you can update an unlimited storage, unlimited storage time, maximum download speeds, and can upload files up to 5 GB of size. Files are shared by using the direct links.

6. Minus: It can be called one of the easiest options. Registered users can drag and drop files (max size 2GB), and they get up to 50GB of storage. Files are automatically links.

7. Amazon Cloud Drive: Amazon's cloud drive gives you 5 GB of storage for free, which can be upgraded to up to 1000 GB, 1 GB, € per year. Certainly one of the most affordable cloud-sharing service. The biggest drawback: File sharing is not allowed. If you want to share files with someone, you need to share your Amazon password.

Some of the other popular free file sharing services:

Microsoft Sky Drive: completely free cloud storage service. Sky Drive provides 25 GB of storage space for users. But the downside is, max file upload size is 50 MB. In addition, you must be a Hotmail.


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